Saturday, July 26, 2014

Key Words

Somewhere along my path of life I took a detour or two and now find myself the sole buyer for a large locksmith business located here in Colleyville, Texas. I buy for the main facility in Colleyville, three remote shops located throughout the Metroplex, 25 independent locksmiths driving company vans, and one large warehouse. All I wanted was a stress free little job to keep me occupied while I patiently wait for my "official retirement" on September 1, 2016. I went to work here as a temporary consultant helping to establish and install an inventory control system. The buyer for the company was an older guy....yes, even older than me. This guy got sick not long after I showed up. They asked if I would fill in until he returned. That was five years ago. I'm beginning to think he's not coming back. My days are so fast-paced I don't have time to buy in the industry approved methods. I have to get out there and find it fast...all day long....every day. This is why I have become a self-declared expert on Google. Anything I need to find can be found on the internet. Just type in those critical key words and everything you ever wanted to know comes barreling onto your screen with lightning speed. Those key words are cool. However, most companies have figured out if they use more and more key words the odds are you are going to see their site too...even if they have nothing at all to do with the item you're looking for. Several really big name stores practice this. I can Google "2-3/8" backset dead latch, early version Yale lock" and I know without a doubt that both Sears and Grainger stock that very part....unfortunately if you aren't a brilliant Googler like me you might spend an hour searching that site while seeing sales on anything from lingerie to lawnmowers. I understand. This is actually good marketing. The sites that really get to me are those that only demented dirty old men and teenage boys would search out. My advice is to never ever venture beyond the first page of listings. Seriously, does "See our HOT COLLEGE GIRLS playfully install a double cylinder Schlage deadbolt....NAKED" really need to be included in a professional search for locksmith parts?!

I asked Debbie what I could do to get more readers on this site. Other than the obvious, "write something once in a while you idiot", she suggested I start using a few strong key words. So I wrote "Last night D...........

This portion has been CENSORED by the Department of Ethical Behavior Bossy In Excess (DEBBIE).

...whew, that was funny and used nearly every key word imaginable. The readership should grow like crazy now!"