Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Windy days...

Whew, the wind sure blew yesterday. I loaded up an antique chair I had restored for a friend and worried it would blow away before I got it delivered. While strapping it down I watched a neighbor try to rake his leaves and my kind neighborly thought to him was, "You are an idiot my friend!". All my leaves blew at least three lots down....of course I got all the leaves from three lots up plus various litter from the main road....but I didn't try to rake them....what an idiot....

No one seems to like the wind. I don't mind it. In fact, I rather enjoy it, especially at night when I can hear it whipping through the trees or whistling around the eaves. I think its peaceful and makes the indoors more cozy. Call me a poet...or crazy....either one works for me.

My favorite memories concerning the wind are of living in New Mexico for a year. Glenn and I had never seen tumbleweeds before so the first few days we were there we tried to catch and save every tumbleweed that blew across the yard. We didn't realize what we were seeing was commonplace and there was no need to save those tumbleweeds....also, our dad made us clear them out of the garage so he could get his car inside.

Years ago Debbie and I volunteered to help some friends move into a new house. We were still young enough to do the work but old enough to know better. It was a terribly cold February day and the wind was merciless. By the end of the day we were both completely worn out. As we drove the forty or so miles back home that night we ached in all our collective muscles. Since I was outside the whole time I also moaned about my dry chapped skin. My lips were in terrible shape and getting worse. I asked Deb if she had any Chapstick in her purse. She said she didn't but she had an "off-brand something" that might work. She handed it to me and I smeared it on my lips. It felt great! I asked her if she was going to use any more of it and if not would it be okay if I used it on the rest of my face. She said, "hey, if it works go ahead and use it however you need". She is so sweet. I smeared that stuff all over my face and boy oh boy did it ever feel good. As we neared home Debbie asked if we could stop for a loaf of bread. I pulled into a convenience store and ran inside for the bread. When I got back to the pickup I mentioned to Debbie that the guy at the counter sure gave me some odd looks. She broke down laughing....she had given me red lipstick for my chapped lips. I'm surprised I didn't get arrested.....she's a sweetheart.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Long hair....now or never....

It was a beautiful morning. I woke to the sound of birds singing outside my open window. A soft northerly breeze wafted through the curtains and across my face. Yes, it's true, I should have been a poet. I would have too but I couldn't pass the test to get my license (get it?) so I was a mediocre businessman instead. I got up and did the morning ritual and while brushing my hair noticed something I've never noticed before in the mirror....a BALD spot. That's right, there is a bald spot right there for all the world to see. No way to cover it up either. Believe me I tried. This is the beginning of the end I'm afraid.

It's not fair that I should lose my hair
While still in my middle years.
I guess it's not really going away
But moving from head to ears.

See, I should have been a poet. This stuff just pours out of me. Anyway, back to the hair problem. I really don't mind losing my hair. After all, I've worn the closest thing to a buzz cut for years now. But it just doesn't seem fair for it to happen so unexpectedly. I know guys from college who were losing their hair way back then. Some of them are still in the process. My hair has always been so thick my barber had to thin it regularly. Now all of a sudden....BALD SPOT.

In college just about everyone grew their hair long. Due to respect (fear) for my military trained dad and pressure from a very conservative grandfather, I never even tried to let mine grow. While long hair and beards became the norm I still wandered around campus with the close-cropped look. Beads and baggy clothes were against the rules too. Even my blue jeans were starched and neatly pressed...talk about anti-establishment. Everyone thought I was in ROTC. I always wanted to see how my hair would look long. I did grow a beard in 1977 but it was conservative. I looked pretty silly actually....short hair and beard, pale yellow button down cotton shirt with starched blue jeans.

As I neared retirement I thought I might just let it all go. I figured real long gray hair and beard would make me look like I still had it...whatever "it" is. I could see myself on stage with Willie and the boys knocking it out on my banjo while holding my hair back with a red bandana. You can see that, can't you? Great look, great look indeed. There is really nothing holding me back from making that image come true...well, except the part where I'm playing banjo on stage with Willie Nelson. That's just crazy. I can't play the banjo that well. Debbie would agree to my craziness...I think. All that's holding me back now is my lack of nerve, my impatience with messy hair, a scratchy face needing a shave, and now a stinking BALD spot. It's just not fair.