Sunday, December 21, 2014

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams Aunt Helen

I come from a very large family. We have family scattered all over the place. If you were to throw a rock anywhere, you would hit one of my cousins.....and I wouldn't appreciate that so don't be throwing any rocks. Over the past few years I've been losing relatives way too fast. An entire generation is slowly going away leaving me and my generation feeling a little bit alone....and old! Two days ago my last surviving aunt, Aunt Helen, passed away. She was 93 and had every right to pass on but doggone it, that leaves me with no surviving aunts. Yes, I know that sounds selfish and it is. I loved every one of my aunts. My aunts helped shape me into what I am today. They can either take the credit or take the blame depending on your own perspective. I could write for hours about all my aunts but I won't because right now my thoughts are on only one. Helen lived a long way off from us so I didn't get to see her very often. The times I was around her though are memorable and heartwarming. Helen was more full of life than a lot of people in this family. Some of us are just plain old dull. Aunt Helen was not dull. When we were convinced dancing would send us to eternal damnation, Helen loved to dance. When we were all sitting around quietly talking, Helen bellowed and got the blood flowing. She brought light and life to all she was around. I'm sorry to say I won't miss Aunt Helen for being around because she was rarely around. I will miss having her as my aunt. She was a good aunt and I loved her dearly. Sleep well Aunt Helen. I'll see you again when we all gather at Heaven's door.