Thursday, January 1, 2015

I miss radio...

When I was about eight, our Dad gave my much older sister, Cindy, her first radio. I immediately became her best friend. I fell in love with the radio. I loved the songs, the weekly top 40 ratings, the dee-jays....I even liked most of the commercials. I got my own radio from Dad about two year's later and Cindy lost her listening companion....I think she grieves to this day but that's another story. My first radio was a mint green, Arvin AM radio. Back then AM was all anyone needed. FM was just a weird idea nobody needed to consider. My Arvin radio became my favorite possession, just ahead of my beloved Micky Mantle ball glove. I would listen to the radio any time I could get away with it. Sometimes it was hard to have any quality listening time because, even though he bought the radios, our Dad hated the noise. In fact, our Dad invented remote control. As soon as he pulled the car into the driveway each day, the radios automatically went from about a seven on the volume dial to a low, low two....we're talking "whisper" mode.

One of my favorite sons, and I have two of them, bought me a new radio, cd player, alarm clock, and power massager for my study this year. Oh sure, I'm kidding about the power massager. That was an additional charge he didn't want to pay for but that's another story. I have yet to figure out how to operate anything on it except the radio. I have scanned every AM station and every FM station and so far there is nothing even close to what I remember as having loved on the radio. It's all opinions, infomercials, Hispanic dance tunes, or something the youth of today calls "music". I did find one oldies station but their idea of oldies is music my two boys grew up with....and we all agree THAT was disgusting. There are a couple of country stations but please believe me when I say, "what they are playing is not country". I don't know what it is but it drives me right up the wall. I really need to learn how the cd player works. Then I can play the cd's I have that are remakes of cassettes, which are remakes of 8-track, which are remakes of the good old vinyl records I used to own. Sure, you can laugh at my situation. Maybe YOU know how to listen to Pandora and build your own radio station. I still have trouble logging on to Solitaire, which has one of those little thingies on the "desktop" of this computer. Until I learn how to work this cd player I'm not going to learn anything else so please don't send me any "hints" or offers of help. If I had asked for help it would have been for something serious and not how to work my new radio...or how to set up Pandora. I would have asked for leaf raking or gutter cleaning....something worthwhile and needed. Not that I'm trying to hint I need these things....just citing examples, ya know?!