Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just a heads up...

An important notice to any guy within five years of retirement:

Within the next five years never, never, EVER answer your wife's request with "I will take care of that when I retire"! Listen closely when I say, "WIVES TAKE NOTES!!!!!"

My bucket list of things to do after retirement did not include marking things off a checklist. However, each time I made the above referenced comment Debbie wrote it down. As I neared my much longed for retirement she put her notes into a nice, user-friendly, concise TO DO LIST and posted it on the refrigerator door. I ignored the list as long as I could do so without encountering too much conflict but after a month or so of retirement I started receiving little nudges (I refer to these as nagging) about when this or that would be completed. There are items on the list I swear I never promised to tackle but since her attorney is much more driven than mine, I have been reduced to working according to the terms of the TO DO LIST. The only reason I have time to write today is the weather. Next up on my list is "Paint the House". It is raining so obviously it would be careless to work outside. My only point scored during the argument portion of the list making was that I can only do one thing at a time and until such time the next item listed is non-preferential and can not be addressed by management. That is all legal talk for "you can't make me do items 2 through 27 AND you can't nag me about them until item 1 is completed". Based on my progress so far, I will still be painting the house during the Christmas holidays. My dad always told me to never pay someone to do something you can do yourself. I got a quote for painting anyway.....$3500. I laughed (see earlier posts) and took on the project....I figure I'm making about thirty cents an hour....

Since I've had a lot on my mind worthy enough to share I may post again long as it keeps raining.

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