Friday, December 23, 2016

A Christmas Wish...

Because of the title you probably think you are about to read a noble thought or two about peace on earth or some other equally important matter. Sorry, this is me remember. I'm not a deep thinker. My Christmas wish involves a gift I received two years ago. I wish I had taken the time to return it. It's been driving me crazy for nearly two years. Oh sure, the cost of replacing the gift is minimal and the time to make the correction could be counted in minutes, but I am a firm believer in wearing out anything I own. I don't replace it until its worn out or broken. It's really hard to break a pair of house shoes so I must wear them out before buying, or receiving as a gift, a new pair. Here's how it all came down:

Late Christmas night, the family has gone home, the litter has been cleaned, and its time to sit and rest...reflect on a wonderful day with the kids and grand kids. I take a small gift given to me from Deb and slip them on....

Me: Hey Deb, did you look at these slippers before buying them?
Deb: Of course I did.
Me: Did you actually open the box and look at these slippers?
Deb: Well no. I looked at those on display and then found a box with your size. Why do you ask?
Me: Because they are both for the right foot.
Deb: Don't be silly. They're house shoes.
Me: Well look at them...two right feet.
Deb: I don't see it but if it bothers you take them back.

Those were the magic words, "take them back". She knew I wouldn't go to that much trouble. I put my old house shoes back on and set these in my closet. After a while the old shoes grew weary and died. After my grieving process I dug out the gift from the previous Christmas. I tried them on and to my surprise they felt pretty good. They were soft so my feet kind of formed the shape. I enjoyed them until I set down in my recliner and saw the shoes. Two right shoes staring back at me. I complained again to Debbie about two right footed shoes....she felt no sympathy at all....hardhearted woman! I've worn these shoes now for well over a year. They are very comfortable but I can't stand to look at them. We had unexpected company a few nights ago and as Debbie walked to the door I ran to my closet, kicked off the house shoes and put on some nice left foot, right foot shoes.

This is my Christmas wish for each of you: Enjoy peace and prosperity this coming year. Take time to pray and reflect on the joys of life. Always check out your gifts closely and return them if they are both right-footed.

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