Saturday, November 17, 2012

Buyer's Remorse

I didn't really want to buy another pickup. I have driven my little red truck for over ten years and planned to drive it into senility. This broken hip and leg caused me to rethink my plans though because I can't work the clutch in the truck without considerable pain. I don't like pain. A widow lady down the street decided to sell her late husband's Toyota Tacoma with an automatic transmission so in a moment of weakness I bought it. Now I have two old pickups sitting in my driveway. I'm really depressed. As much as I dislike pain, it in itself is not so bad compared to my misery in spending money. And, why is it a vehicle looks pretty darned good while you are looking at it in the neighbor's driveway and turns into a beat up old wreck in your own driveway....and no, Debbie hasn't driven it yet. I'm sure I'll feel okay toward the new old truck as soon as I sell the old old truck. Until then, I will be slightly nauseous and depressed every time I wander outside and see my fleet.

Today was beautiful. The sun was shining, the pain meds hadn't worn off, it was SATURDAY. Gracie was spending the weekend with us. I was in a great mood after spending the morning visiting parents. Then the pickup thing happened and as I was standing in the driveway coming to terms with my natural stupidity another neighbor yelled at me. "Hey Russ, what's up with all this water seeping up in your front yard? You got a leak or sumthin?" Stupid neighbor....

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  1. so glad you are writing again - love to read your posts