Friday, November 9, 2012

Thank you Thank you!!!

Wow, its been just one day and I already have FOUR followers!! Thank you Debbie, Monte, Terri, and Kitty!

Kitty, your photo does not do you justice. You might want to apply some makeup and give it another shot. Back when life was simple I started a Facebook page and added my photo. Many people responded on how much I resembled a young Troy Donohue. I can see how that mistake could happen so since then I don't bother to add my photo to anything I post. If you want to enjoy this pretty face you will just have to come visit me. Debbie can take a look at it any old time she wants to of course but the rest of you are welcome to visit any first so I can hide the wine bottles Debbie leaves strewn about the front yard.

I have been sitting around this house since I was released from rehab back in September. I thought I would enjoy my unexpected retirement but its not all that great. Hobbling around on a walker limits the things I can do with all my free time. I can't drive my pickup because I can't work the clutch with this busted left leg. I can't ride my scooter for the same reason although even if I could Debbie has hidden the keys. I can't even dig a hole in the ground for Deb to plant the bushes she plans to sacrifice to next summer's heat and drought.

I planned to do something really significant during all this down time....I really did plan to try to publish my "book" and I had another in the works before the accident. I haven't touched it since then though and have lost all interest in working on it. I'm not sure I have ADHD since its never been diagnosed but...never mind, I forgot where I was going with that. Oh yeah, I had all kinds of worthwhile plans for my recovery time. I got word from the doc this week that I can go back to work a few hours a day toward the end of November. Did not do one thing on my list...not one. I didn't even polish my new dress shoes I bought for Jamie and Jennifer's wedding. I read about a hundred mystery novels and slept more than a human should be allowed. I did all my required exercises and built up my upper body strength. I'm not going to brag but I did overhear Debbie and the therapist talking about me the other day and the word "BUFF" was used more than once. I think it was buff....I hope it was buff.

I'm looking forward to going back to work. Its been nice having this time off to spend with my family but I'm not ready to slow down this much yet. I can't afford to slow down this much yet. I want to work another three or four years and officially retire. Maybe by then I will have figured out an ending to that second book and maybe I'll have enough money to have an actual hobby. I am going to have a definite plan for my retirement years though. I'm for sure going to get those dress shoes polished.

Have a great weekend.

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