Sunday, June 30, 2013

I took Granny-Grunt to Church today

Since both the parents are now living at LaDora Lodge, a fancy name for a not so fancy nursing home, they like to take every opportunity to get out of there for an adventure. I had planned to pick them up for church this morning and then take them out for a bite of lunch afterwards. We've done this a few times and its been nice but today we were going to visit my church. Now my church is Legacy Church of Christ. My parents go to Brown Trail Church of Christ. Both are wonderful congregations with kind and loving members. However, Brown Trail is a smaller congregation with about 200 members and Legacy has over 1000 members. Brown Trail is a bit more conservative than Legacy in their worship. We don't have any bands playing up front but occasionally someone claps to the singing or raises their hands in worship. Granny-Grunt hails from a generation which doesn't cotton to a church that doesn't worship the way it was done in the 50's. Also, it is well documented in the brotherhood that your home congregation must be named after the street you are located on or the city where you are located...i.e. The Church in Corinth, The Church in Rome, Azle Church of Christ, Pipeline Rd Church of Christ, Brown Trail Church of Christ. Mike Cooper won't visit our church because there ain't no or street. Anyway, when I got over to LaDora to pick them up I found Granny-Grunt ready to go and Grandpa sitting in his pj's reading the paper. He had come up with a lower intestine malady during the night. You don't want to hear more. So I took Granny-Grunt and headed over to the Church in North Richland Hills on Mid-Cities Blvd. known as Legacy Church of Christ. She was anxious to hear the beautiful singing and the lesson offered by a wonderful speaker, J Bailey. However, she got distracted by three little grandkids of mine. They all tried to entertain this older lady sitting in their spot. One by one they were all taken out because everyone around us was watching the grandkids instead of paying attention to the service....anyway that's what I'm thinking. Everyone around was staring at us anyway. After church I took Granny-Grunt out to eat. My son Cody and his family went with us. The three grandkids were just as cute as could be. Really entertaining...really. They all left early to "get the kids down for a nap". I swear I heard my daughter-in-law, Cayce, whimper when she walked out carrying the really real baby while my son wrestled with the walking and talking baby. Those kids are so darn cute. As we drove back to LaDora Granny-Grunt said the morning was the best she could remember. Of course she can't remember much. She introduces herself to Grandpa just about every morning. I was glad  to hear this because she sat silently through the whole service with her arms crossed and a frown on her face. I asked if she enjoyed the singing and preaching as much as she expected. She told me she didn't know. Her hearing aid battery died right after "Welcome all you visitors to Lega...."

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