Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lookin' for worms....

You know, if a bird goes out every morning looking for worms and doesn't find any he or she probably stops looking, right? Well of course not. To stop looking for worms is to start the starvation process. Birds search for worms...its that simple.

In a similar example if a blogger goes out searching for followers and doesn't find any he or she probably stops blogging, right? Well of course not. To stop blogging would start the exploding brain process. A blogger blogs...its that simple. Even when a blogger has nothing to say he or she continues to write things down so the brain of said blogger doesn't go into fail safe mode from random thought overload.

I tend to go days on end without posting to this blog. Its not that I don't enjoy posting to it. I LOVE writing....whether anyone reads it or not. I sure would like to find a few followers on the way though so if you haven't....and only if you WANT to, please sign on as a follower. Then I will be more inspired to write on the blog rather than the tattered old journal I keep hidden in my roll top desk.

Ha! You didn't know about the journal? I've kept a journal for longer than I've had a computer....and everyone knows computers have been around for like forever. I've heard the pilgrims brought them over from the Old World in their search for a land where they were free to blog without persecution. When I say "journal" I don't mean some wimpy little thing like you find at Barnes and Noble and write in with a purple or green ink fountain pen. Noooo, this is a stack of spiral notebooks that are tattered and falling apart. They are old and well-used. They are written in with whatever I am holding when I have a random thought I want to hold onto...sometimes black pen, blue pen, red pen...I even used a purple pen once but I threw it away because I felt a bit effeminate using it. I've used ball point pens, roller pens, pencil, charcoal...not really charcoal...its too messy. The wonderful thing about my journals is this. No one can read them but me. No, there is no code and no there is no foreign language. The simple answer is that no one can read my handwriting but me!

I don't post to my journal every day either. I just don't seem to have the time. The random thoughts continue though throughout every day and night and I'm sure the same is true for you. Most are insignificant and not journal worthy. Some are gems though and should be captured if at all possible. Years ago, when my handwriting was beginning to fail I decided to practice my handwriting each day. What better way to practice than in my ongoing journal. During this time the real me became known to.....well, just me cause no one else has read it. Each day I wrote down the first thought I had before starting my day. I will just say this....most early morning random thoughts are not journal worthy.

I just pulled out my first journal to give a couple of examples of my ramblings. As I did, about two dozen pages fell out....and here all this time I've felt foolish for posting the date on the pages. Guess I was pretty darned smart after all. I'll stuff all of them back in here and sort them "some day". Here are a few daily entries:

  • I think being fat makes people more friendly towards me.
  • As I get older I tend to say things without thinking. This worries me.
  • Debbie and I ate Mexican food last night....way too much. I sure feel it right now.
  • I wish Debbie wouldn't try to talk to me from another room. I can't hear her when I'm in the same room.
  • I wish I could lose a pound every time I tooted.
Okay, maybe these are shallow thoughts. I never said I had deep thoughts...just random thoughts. And, this example comes from the era of writing my first thought each day regardless of its depth or interest. I did cheat a little bit though. My first thought every day back then was "Crap! It can't be morning already!"

So you can see that you don't have to have any talent at all to write. I have proven that over and over through the years but I continue to write. It makes me feel relaxed and happy. When I'm writing a short story my mind is moving much more quickly than my fingers can work the keyboard. I occasionally have to go back to read what actually wound up on the page. I have even written short stories that have been published and I had no idea what I was going to write when I sat down at the computer. That's how much fun it is to unburden your mind by writing. Start writing...start a blog! I promise if you do, I'll tag myself as a follower!

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