Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yeah, I'm Rich...

I've never measured wealth in and silver yes, but not dollars. I'm just kidding. If my worth was measured in the value of my assets I would be lacking compared to that of many of my peers. However, when we measure our wealth to the majority of the world, the poorest among us are wealthy beyond impossible dreams. I'm not writing this to talk about material wealth though. I'm writing to say how touched I am resulting from the overflow of well-wishes from friends and loved ones....shouldn't separate that really....all my friends are loved ones too.

When it was determined last week that this old body was in serious trouble and the emergency room was my most logical decision, I was in a terrible valley emotionally. I couldn't think about having to talk to anyone so I asked Debbie to keep the situation to herself and our two sons. She agreed knowing many of our tribe and village would be hurt. I didn't think of them though. In fact, I don't remember thinking at all. I didn't think of how it would feel to know my brother or best friend was suffering and I didn't have any idea. I kept these loved ones from caring, praying, and thinking good thoughts about me during this time. I kept them from dropping a note or card in the mail. I kept them from loving. This was very selfish of me and as I write this I feel shame and hurt of my own for causing them to hurt.

I hope everyone reading this has the blessing that surrounds Debbie and me. We have so many caring souls watching out for us that we never have to fear loneliness. We will never be without a home, or food, or community because we are blessed by the Lord God. His blessings are passed on to us through the loving hands and hearts of our friends, our family...all of our loved ones. During my hospital stay I did need the quiet in order to cope but their were times when I became lonely. The Lord has a way of taking care of old fools like me. He figured out a way for word to leak out about my condition and I was blessed at the most needed times by visits from a few family members. A phone call from one of our elders came at just the right time as well.

I have been lovingly reprimanded several times yesterday and today. One of those beautiful ladies punished me by sending over a tin of my favorite cookies fresh from her oven. She taught me a lesson let me tell you!
If any of you feel I still need to be disciplined in this way I will humbly accept your punishment.

I love you all. I'm sorry and I'm so thankful!

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